China Import Data

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China Import Report is a Data set of Custom shipments information on commodities which have been imported by China companies. The data is based on Bills lading, Import Bills, Invoices and other commercial documents required to do an import-export business. Our China Import Data is a most authentic report with coverage of All China Sea Ports, Air Ports & dry Ports.

Major Data Fields of China Import Data
  • China Importer Name, Address, Telephone,
  • China Notify party, Address, Telephone,
  • China Bankers Name, Address, Telephone
  • Suppliers Name, Address, Telephone
  • Date of arrival
  • Actual product description as mentioned in bill of Lading, marks and nos.
  • Quantity and unit of measurement
  • Rates INR & USD
  • Overseas country & Ports
  • Bill of lading No
  • Container No, Seal No
  • Voyage No, Vessel No, and many more data fields
Business profit from using our China Import Data
  • Manufactures use our global market intelligence to find efficiencies in supply and distribution, and scope out export markets.
  • Importers/wholesalers use our data when supply flows are disrupted by natural disasters, man-made catastrophes or swings in the economy.
  • Management consultants use global market intelligence to benchmark performance and evaluate competitive landscapes.
  • Legal practitioners in the USA and abroad use our data when contract compliance by trading partners is at issue.
  • Industry analysts use our data to monitor markets and forecast supply/demand trends in bellwether commodities.

Total Product 10
Date HS Code Product Qty. Unit Rate INR Rate USD Value INR Value USD Dest. Port Country
11-Sep-2015 03011100 LIVE ORNAMENTAL FISH GOLD FISH, CARASSIUS AURATUS ) 100 PCS 14.72 0.20 1472.38 20.23 Calcutta Air China
11-Sep-2015 03011100 LIVE ORNAMENTAL FISH FIREMOUTH CICHLIDS, CICHLASOMA MEEKI ) 50 PCS 7.36 0.10 368.10 5.06 Calcutta Air China
11-Sep-2015 03011100 LIVE ORNAMENTAL FISH HIGH FIN SUCKER,MYXOXYPRINUS ASIATICUS ) 70 PCS 14.72 0.20 1030.67 14.16 Calcutta Air China
11-Sep-2015 03011100 LIVE ORNAMENTAL FISH DISCUS, SYMPHYSODON DISCUS ) 100 PCS 100.86 1.39 10085.80 138.54 Calcutta Air China
11-Sep-2015 03011100 LIVE ORNAMENTAL FISH PEACOCK BASS,CICHLASOMA OCELLARIS ) 50 PCS 7.36 0.10 368.10 5.06 Calcutta Air China
11-Sep-2015 03011100 LIVE ORNAMENTAL FISH BLOOD PARROT CICHLIDS, CICHLASOMA SYNSPILUM ) 2460 PCS 21.35 0.29 52519.80 721.43 Calcutta Air China
11-Sep-2015 03011100 LIVE ORNAMENTAL FISH KOI CARP, CYPRINUS CARPIO ) 40 PCS 14.72 0.20 588.95 8.09 Calcutta Air China
13-Sep-2015 03047500 FROZEN ALASKA POLLOCK FILLET THERAGRA CHALCOGRAMMA) 21000 KGS 229.32 3.15 4815720.00 66150.00 JNPT China
14-Sep-2015 03046100 TILAPIA FILLETS BLOCK INDIA-CHINA ASIA- PACIFIC TRADE AGREEMENT NO.B194600 22500 KGS 338.52 4.65 7616700.00 104625.00 JNPT China
30-Apr-2015 07133300 LIGHT SPECKLED KIDNEY BEANS - 120 MTS 72259.88 1026.42 8671185.60 123170.25 JNPT China

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Our Import Export data is the systematic arrangement of records and information about the products being imported or exported from any country. Our database carries all the records of the imported exported products that helps a great deal in trade businesses to the new merchants or purchasers.
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